„Do you remember?“
after years you clean up the cellar and suddenly you hold your old sticker albums in the hands. My goodness - somehow it's like you're sitting in a time machine ... when we bought with our little pocket money a sticker bags at the next kiosk. We were so proud when we could finally stick the missing picture into the album. Now we could brag about it with our friends. Often we exchanged stickers in the schoolyard.

These and similar stories we hear a lot from collectors. Who does not remember his beginnings with Panini. Just like we done to - today boys collect Football- or Star Wars-sticker and girls love Barbie or princess. Disney, animals or films are also popular with all. So there is a myriad of topics that their fans have.

In the past, the sticker bags have received little attention. They were quickly torn up and then disposed of, so that only a few older specimens survived. Albums and loose stickers are more common. We often ask ourselves today: "How did the sticker bag look like for this album?" We would like to show you this in our catalog. There you will find all Panini bags from your childhood up to the present time.

Panini Folder 1967