The evaluation of the state of the article from "very good" to "insufficient" always refers to the overall condition, the age of the goods being insignificant.

Very good condition
The article has no or almost no bearing or usage traces. A very good condition does not mean NEW. Examples: The sticker album is impeccable at first sight. A small donkey-ear, singled crooked glued stickers or written results are possible. The single sticker has sharp edges, is clean and has no kinks. The adhesiveness can be restricted and it can be a little darker. Collectors of bags should know that old copies can be open.

Good condition
The article has some small storage or usage traces. The overall impression is not clouded because the defects are very low and small. Examples: The sticker album can have small kinks, very small side cracks, labels or a loose middle-side. Single stickers can have pushed corners or are significantly darkened.

Satisfactory condition
The article has different and easily recognizable storage and usage traces. Rare items can still be interesting for collectors in this state. Examples: The sticker album is worn and has kinks and loose pages. We do not offer single stickers with clear bearing marks. However, they are still perfect to complete partly filled albums.

Bad condition
This condition is not offered by us.

Inadequate condition
This condition is unacceptable to us and is of course not offered by us.