History of the collection picture

Collective pictures are interesting sights with a historical and cultural background. The first collection was invented by a French merchant around 1872.

Before 1945
Prior to the turn of the century until the end of the war, collective images (merchandising, vending machines, cigarette pictures, etc.) were mainly advertising supplements to consumer articles of daily use. With these small gifts, merchants wanted to bind their customers to themselves and boost the sale of chocolate or shoe polish. The pictures quickly became popular and so there were in a short time many handsome picture series. Collection before 1945

picture gallery before 1945

After 1945
After the Second World War chewing gum producers were mainly creative pioneers. Since then the pictures have also been sold in bags. With football and Karl May the collection area really boomed. Thus, with time, many descendants developed. Today, collectors are looking for all kinds of trading cards, stickers and chewing gumboots pictures.

The first album with self-adhesive pictures was around the year 1969. The companies Americana and Bergmann are well known pioneers in Germany. Until then, the pictures had to be fixed with adhesive in the album. Now the sticker was modern and In the past, stickers were mostly simple paper pictures. Today stickers are glittering , they have 3D effect, are printed on metal foil or glow even at night. They are available in the widest variety of designs - so they are by no means boring.

The company Panini is regarded worldwide as market leader for sticker albums. Especially the series on football European and World Championships are known to many people and are intensively collected. But also other companies such as Topps, E-Max, Blue Ocean, Preziosi, Ferrero, etc. are currently publishing beautiful albums.